Most businesses do find it challenging to hire skilled talent in a time of massive competition for great talent. Be it for full-time, temporary, or part-time workers, professional staffing companies can help in filling positions in any business enterprise.

Having said that, enterprises do get it wrong when they evaluate staffing companies only for filling their hiring pipeline. The truth is that staffing firms can help their clients in more ways than simply finding the right candidate. We could even go so far as to say that this is where their real business value lies.

Let us look at 6 additional ways in which staffing companies can provide value in 2022.

6 additional ways in which staffing companies can help

1. Manage fluctuations in talent demand

Companies in industries like technology, tourism, agriculture, and retail find it challenging to hire staff for a long-term tenure. This is primarily due to the seasonally fluctuating nature of jobs in these sectors, which can directly impact the hiring patterns. Business enterprises can’t fire an efficient worker simply due to hiring fluctuations. Imagine hiring a team just to get ready for Cyber Monday and then letting them go!

Staffing companies are better equipped to manage these fluctuations. They can scale up (or down) hiring based on industry demand. They are better suited to provide enterprises with the right talent at the right time. Companies can look to manage their temporary staffing requirements efficiently by partnering with staffing companies that are aware of these dynamics.


2. Meet DEI mandates

Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion (DEI) is a top priority for hiring companies in 2022. A recent survey found that 64% of executives believe D&I initiatives are a priority for their workforce. Another survey by the American Productivity & Quality Center found that 36% of companies have increased their DEI-dedicated staff while 32% have increased their DEI budgets.

On their own, business enterprises find it challenging to hire and maintain a diverse workforce. HR teams find it hard to succeed because of entrenched biases or blind spots. A professional staffing and recruitment company can deliver more DEI success. Working with the right staffing company comes with access to diverse talent pools, new and different screening and evaluation systems, and a fresh hiring philosophy.


3. Eliminate legal issues and paperwork

Hiring can be a long and costly process with all the contract signing and legal compliance. Most business users cannot afford to spend their time and resources managing the legal aspect of hiring their employees. On the other hand, staffing companies are well-versed with legal formalities and can handle all the paperwork internally.

For instance, they can take care of employment formalities like the employee’s insurance coverage, HR policies, and tax liabilities. For hiring enterprises, this eliminates a lot of administrative hassles associated with a large workforce. They can focus on building their business and market reach, while staffing companies manage the legal and administrative work.


4. Cost efficiency

For most companies, hiring and training new hires means a significant investment in both time and resources. On average, employers spend around 24 days between candidate screening and giving acceptance letters to candidates. Similarly, employers need to spend an average of 33 hours training new employees.

Adding to that, hiring companies need to consider other cost factors like hiring ad budgets and the cost of conducting job interviews. Besides, they need to consider the hidden cost of hiring the “wrong” person for the job.

With a professional staffing company, enterprises no longer need to worry about hiring and training costs. Staffing companies are skilled at understanding every business’ job requirement and providing a skilled and trained candidate as needed for the job.


5. Manages the employee’s payroll

According to Patriot, employers typically pay around 7.65% of their gross taxable wages as payroll taxes. This includes tax payments for social security and Medicare for their employees. In short, business enterprises need to allocate time and resources for managing their employees’ payroll taxes, compensation, overtime pay, and unemployment benefits.

By keeping the hires on their payroll, staffing agencies can eliminate (or reduce) the need for SMBs to hire their payroll team or tax consultant. They can efficiently take care of any employee, be it full-time or temporary. Some staffing companies even manage the initial employee onboarding and training process on behalf of their business customers. This saves both time and money in the long run.


6. Industry-specific talents

According to PwC, talent shortage and skill gaps are estimated to cost U.S-based companies a loss of over $8.5 trillion by 2030. McKinsey reports that 87% of global companies are aware of the growing problem of the skills gap in their hiring process.

Thanks to their extensive network, staffing companies can help in the recruitment of candidates with specialized industry skills. For example, technology skills for IT companies. On their own, companies can spend a lot of time and resources seeking employees with specialized skills (or skills for specific short-term projects).

On the other hand, staffing companies allocate their time and resources to building a good bench strength or pool of qualified candidates. This enables them to fill open positions faster than the employing companies could manage on their own. Additionally, staffing agencies can provide a steady flow of potential hires for companies with a recurring need for good talent.



The best staffing companies can offer a higher value proposition than just filling up the job pipeline for their clients. Specialized staffing services can manage DEI initiatives and help in scaling up (or down) the hiring based on job requirements.

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