Enabling Data-Driven Business and Workforce Transformation Using Digital Technologies.

We use the power of digital technologies and data analytics to enable data-driven business and workplace transformation for our clients to meet their goals.

Our Services

Business Intelligence & Analytics

From insights to intelligence: leverage data analytics to power competitive advantage.

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Data Management

As data continues to expand at an unprecedented pace in a digital world.

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Cloud Engineering

Trinus brings a systematic approach to the commercialization, standardization and governance of cloud computing applications.

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IT Consulting

Trinus offers web and mobile development services that have the power to transform your organization.

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Managed Services

Offload IT operations management to improve agility and competitiveness.

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Trinus is recruiting, selecting, employing, training, and retaining the best workforce for the organisation.

Digital Transformation

Customer 360

Create a holistic view of customers through their interactions and transactions with you to uncover new opportunities for improving engagement and incremental revenue generation.

Operations 360

Gain deep visibility into every aspect of your company’s operations and your engagement with suppliers and partners to uncover new opportunities for co-creation and bottom line impact.

Manufacturing 360

Leverage IoT technologies, data analytics and processes to transform your manufacturing operations for driving better throughput, efficiencies and maintenance.

Asset 360

Harness asset management systems and last-mile, real-time asset data to gain insights into asset utilization, maintenance and efficiencies for driving higher returns on deployed assets.

Compliance 360

Govern and manage your enterprise data to meet requirements relating to safety, data privacy and data security, thereby staying compliant and avoiding regulatory actions and fines.


Our industry solutions and services help accelerate innovation, increase productivity, reduce costs and optimize asset utilization. In addition to our technical expertise, Trinus consultants have direct industry experience, often spending significant parts of their careers working directly in the industries they now serve. We understand the unique business challenges of different industries. Our technical skills and industry experience enable us to deliver solutions that provide real business advantages.

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Trinus brings a complete solution of digital technologies and data analytics that have the power to transform your organization and integrate best-of-breed capabilities. Organizations across the globe use our solutions to execute their digital transformation journeys.

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