As we ring in the new year, Trinus wants to ensure that your systems are up-to-date and in tip-top shape. Informatica’s 10x is an upgrade that provides an impressive new user interface and improved administrator experience.  


This week, Trinus has been highlighting a few of the recent software updates we find crucial to share. Informatica is up next, with some noteworthy enhancements in their recent 10.4.1 upgrade.   



Smoother Integration  

The Data Engineering Integration (DEI) feature provides easy functionality within mapplets, allowing you to add any type of transformation.  

Utilizing the improved SAML authentication also gives organizations the ability to let a third-party administer users credentials.   


Optimize Your Data Asset Catalog 

Informatica’s Enterprise Data Catalog (EDC) can use analytics to track and organize asset usage, enhancement, user behavior, and inventory. It allows you to both create immediate reports or connect your assets to Data Asset Analytics. This BI feature retains useful analytics such as changes, logins, searches, and more regarding your assets. With Data Asset Analytics you can also view real-time dashboards equipped with charts and metrics on your assets for reporting or storytelling.  


Improved Security Measures 

This upgrade takes a fresh approach when handling foreign data sources, with built-in processing power and stronger algorithms to provide greater accuracy. The Remote Agent element also allows for deployment that is closer to your data sources, with a 4x enhancement from the last update. 

With a new and improved Privacy Dashboard, you can also further protect any of your insights in privacy status in a single page for your private operations and alerts to remind users of critical tasks. 



  • Informatica is now programmed with enhanced product compatibility, making the software easier to integrate with your organization’s systems and needs.  
  • A stronger and improved support system for connectivity and cloud functions. 
  • A fresh user interface for smooth navigation. 
  • Organizations can now back-up their catalogs, without needing to disable Informatica’s Catalog Service. 
  • When importing data into the lake, the new and improved algorithms will filter your data for you. 
  • The new system can recognize any changes made to your assets with its search and filter functions. 
  • Users with the corresponding privileges have the ability to alternate between both the Security & Privacy dashboards.  


As a company with over two decades of experience working with Informatica productsTrinus has you covered with the necessary and relevant tools your business needs to succeed. Our managed services are catered to your specific needs, and we provide full support from administering your platforms to the on-going maintenance they require. To stay in the loop and keep tabs on the industry’s latest news and updates, follow us in LinkedIn here.