As we ring in the new year, Trinus wants to ensure that your systems are up-to-date and in tip-top shape. IBM’s Cognos is one of the many platforms with a fresh upgrade you don’t want to miss.  


In our last blog post, we discussed the importance of managed services and why it has become a necessary investment for most organizations today. The implementation and upkeep of internal programs, platforms, and digital systems is a significant part of the process. This week, Trinus is highlighting a few of the recent software updates we find crucial to share. IBM does not disappoint with their last Cognos upgrade, providing you with several new key features. 



Dashboard Optimization and Visualization 

The upgrade comes with a has revamped dashboard, allowing you to create appealing stories by easily adding data through its drag-and-drop option. Striking auto-generated videos can be shared via email or slack. The same can be obtained when foraged through voice search in plain language.  


Data Preparation Backed by AI 

Cleaning and preparing your data are tedious tasks. Cognos upgrade data preparation is AI-assisted, which helps in preparing data simply from multiple sources and creating optimal tables to keep you ahead of your game.  


Analytics on Command 

For many users of this software, the ease of its analytics is one of its strongest appeals.  Even without thorough knowledge of data science, you can analyze the data relying on statistically calculated accurate patterns and time-series forecasting, a promising new feature of Cognos 11x.   



The upgrade is packed with a set of benefits, keeping concerns of functionality at bay.  

  • Cognos 11x accelerates merging of data using AI and analytics, speeding up your process of formatting the data. 
  • The upgrade includes governed, self-service adaptations to protect your data from misuse.  
  • Cognos 11x AI helps you uncover hidden trends and seize better opportunities, determining new areas of growth and expansion. 
  • When the data is magnified, examinedand delivered, the new upgrade provides real time insights, making it easier to manage your figures and pivot accordingly.  
  • Every stakeholder needs a customized report. With this upgrade, you can create dynamic reports with just few clicks.   


As one of IBM’s long-time partners, Trinus has you covered with the necessary and relevant tools your business needs to succeed. Our managed services, including upgrades and migrations, are catered to your specific needs, and we provide full support from administering your platforms to the on-going maintenance they require. To stay in the loop and keep tabs on the industry’s latest news and updates, you can follow us on LinkedIn here.