We live in an era where businesses are embracing technology as one of their key foundational elements of growth. In the past, software was seen as a supporting service to make lives easy for employees and customers, but today technology is at the forefront of driving value for all the stakeholders in a business. 

If we analyze the ever-expanding digital landscape of successful companies, nearly all of them operate like tech companies now. Their business services are run or powered by one or more powerful technology platforms, and they constantly leverage technology to adapt to customer needs.

With technology becoming an intrinsic growth pillar, ensuring its optimal evolution, adoption, and maintenance is now a key strategic priority for CIOs. That being said, talent shortages, cost pressures, and overwhelmed bandwidths are a reality of our times. 

Handling large in-house technology deployments internally may not be the best option for businesses. This is where a managed services partner can be a huge game changer for enterprises to supercharge their performance. No wonder, studies estimate the global market for managed IT services to grow to USD 372.6 billion by 2028.


How can Managed Services Partners (MSP) elevate the digital prospects of modern enterprises?

Let us explore the top 4 ways in which MSPs can prove to be a major asset for businesses in their journey towards achieving digital supremacy.


Easy skill augmentation

Modern digital innovations require a diverse range of technology skills to ensure effective operations. This applies to all stages of the technology lifecycle from design to deployment and beyond. Besides, there is constant evolution in the skill market as new platforms and technologies are introduced to sharpen digital progress. Relying completely on an in-house team to manage a business’s digital landscape is never the ideal option in such a scenario. 

Your core business would need constant investments and focus from key personnel. Hence there will be limits on IT hiring budgets. Besides upskilling of technical skills often requires strategic and well-planned initiatives with a focus on future goals.

With an MSP, such obstacles can be easily overcome. Your technology teams get the right skills augmented from time to time depending on market needs. The MSP would have a wide range of talent having the necessary technical and managerial skills to build digital solutions that can effortlessly handle your business growth plans. Besides they will have the right recruitment strategies in place to ensure that relevant market skills are always available at their disposal to deploy at client projects. They will have internal training and upskilling programs to ensure that the experts deployed for your business have up-to-date knowledge of the tech needed for market competence.


Better IT ROI

As seen earlier, hiring and maintaining a large in-house IT team will always drive up operating costs. Adding to it will be costs incurred in talent recruitment, upskilling programs, continuous investments in employee welfare programs, costs incurred due to failed projects, and much more.

With an MSP however, there will be clear and transparent visibility into the operating costs. SLAs across deliverables and progress metrics will be defined at the beginning of the partnership. The MSP will handle the costs of hiring, operations, training and welfare programs, and other miscellaneous expenditures. With clear SLAs, there will be more focus on delivering and managing solutions within defined budgets and with high quality with no missed deadlines or milestones. This allows CFOs to optimize IT budgets and ensure that other core business objectives are provided with adequate funds while IT investments deliver maximum ROI.


Better quality assurance

A technology partner will have strict protocols and policies in place internally to ensure that every IT project they handle is assured of high-quality deliverables. Software systems that grow over the years often have complex internal workflows and may face technical hurdles. Even more challenging is the fact that they may experience downtimes or stalls periodically due to a variety of reasons.

For a business that operates multiple complex digital channels for customer interactions, such downtimes or glitches can have costly consequences. When an MSP enters the picture, this problem is easily resolved. They will have clear guidelines and SLAs to ensure that your digital assets are run at their optimal performance at all times. Availability will be guaranteed along with critical requirements like scalability, security, and backup management. They have a proactive approach to monitoring for any performance drops and align operations to rectify the dips at the earliest.


Centralize IT availability

Your business’s digital infrastructure will be a pivotal point to drive business progress across different customer engagements. It will be leveraged by multiple business units at different times for various needs. When an MSP is entrusted with IT assets, it will ensure that all departments have a central POC for all IT needs.

All the intricacies of IT workflows, systems integration, scalability, data management, etc. will be handled by the MSP. At the same time, the business stakeholders only need to reach out to a single control center for their needs. The best part is that MSPs can guarantee complete availability of IT support across time zones and operational boundaries, 24*7 if need be. This allows businesses to truly catapult into a global business and support their customers with digital experiences 24X7.


MSPs for a sustainable future

With the explosive growth demonstrated by businesses in the digital economy, there will always be a heightened focus on building and maintaining the most resilient and reliable digital infrastructure behind the scenes. With the abovementioned advantages, an MSP can be crucial in supercharging an enterprise’s digital ambitions. What’s needed is the right partner with proven expertise to spearhead transformative digital projects in your business. This is where Trinus can be a great choice.

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