One of the largest gaming companies in the world modernizes its enterprise data


Our client’s goal was to increase agility and provide better, more comprehensive access to data for enhanced decision-making capabilities and superior customer engagement. They wanted to get full and consistent visibility into their properties, revenue sources and customer offers in order to uncover opportunities for revenue maximization and cost efficiencies while delivering customer value.


The solution proposed was centered around the modernization of the client’s enterprise data management ecosystem with the latest Microsoft suite of data management tools on Azure cloud together with Collibra Data Governance and Denodo Data Virtualization technologies. The project also entailed building a master data management (MDM) solution to consolidate their property, revenue center and offers domains using Microsoft MDS and Profisee Maestro MDM. The master data was then exposed to subscribing systems such as the consolidated Hotel Management System via Denodo Virtualization.

Due to the complexity of MDM and relative maturity level of the client’s data analytics implementations, it was recommended to implement MDM in four iterative stages:

  1. Virtual MDM (Rapid Delivery)
  2. Governance (Light-weight Implementation)
  3. Consolidation MDM
  4. Coexistence MDM and Maturing Governance

The technical solution took into account the following key tasks:

  • Install and configure Profisee MDM along with the underlying Microsoft MDS, Denodo Data Virtualization, and Collibra Data Governance tools on Azure cloud
  • Create master data management data models for property, revenue centers, and offers domains, entities, attributes, hierarchies, members, relationships, and constraints
  • Design and develop data processes to create a single source of truth via master data management solutions to support the enterprise-wide revenue center master data needs
  • Design and implement a data virtualization layer using Denodo platform for master data consumption via API and web service calls

After the new ecosystem was set up, a lean federated model was first put in place. Subsequently, a decentralized MDM governance model was implemented. A lean and centralized data governance organization was created to develop enterprise programs, set standards and manage enterprise systems while business units were responsible for local alignment and delivery of BU-specific functional implementations.


  • Implemented property and revenue center MDM to support the consolidated Hotel Management System readiness by starting with an elastic MDM and then expanding it to serve the organization globally via virtualization, thereby delivering enhanced data capabilities while reducing risk to the organization
  • Organizational users gained the ability to access property and revenue center attributes globally, with consistency in creating and managing new codes from HST, Casino Management System, Lodging Managing System and Hotel Management Systems source systems
  • The centralized data governance organization delivered a lean governance structure that provided distribution of governance and its BU-level application without adding additional funding needs or bureaucracy

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