360 Degree Data Management

As data continues to expand at an unprecedented pace in a digital world, organizations across the world are looking to better manage their enterprise assets to support people and processes, both inside and outside the enterprise.

This calls for synchronizing information, establishing a common data model, and merging information from disparate resources into one unified and secure data environment. However, the expanding variety and siloed nature of data sources, and increasing volume of unstructured data, makes it challenging to sift through data to get a clear picture of customers, supply chain and so on.

In addition, poor data management negatively impacts decision-making, creates inconsistencies in key functions like supply chain and demand chain, and makes compliance a challenge. This calls for an end-to-end data management approach that enables superior decision-making to enhance operational efficiencies, reduce costs and better manage opportunities around new products and services.

Trinus Data Management Services are built for the multi-cloud environment and enable management of enterprise data assets by defining robust information architecture and data governance plans. Our services help assess the current data environment and align data management with business objectives to enable actionable, data-driven insights. Based on the assessment, our team of experts analyzes, designs, develops, tests and deploys tool-based, purpose-built solutions.

To deliver quick-wins with foundational projects to our clients, we provide a set of limited-scope assessment, roadmap, optimization and remediation offerings:

  • Data Analytics Needs Assessment
  • Strategy & Roadmap Development
  • Data Quality Profiling and Remediation
  • Data Warehouse & Data Integration Optimization
  • MDM Phase 0 Assessment
  • Data Governance Readiness Assessment and Roadmap
  • M&A-driven Data Integration Strategy

Our services help unify, simplify and optimize data, creating a single view for all stakeholders, and driving strong reporting and improved compliance in a rapidly evolving digital ecosystem.

What You Can Expect

  • Enhanced business outcomes: Superior data management resulting in reduced operational costs, optimized supply chain and inventory management practices, enhanced business planning and improved profits.
  • Superior customer insights: Assess, monitor and manage data for improved customer insights, rapid product launches, accelerated business growth and proactive customer service.
  • Seamlessly integrated data and enhanced compliance: Connect to multiple sources of data with robust data management solution, and simplify data integration for improved data consistency across systems and enhanced regulatory compliance.

Why Choose Trinus

  • Business aligned solutions and services: Alignment with client‘s business objectives & IT roadmap, with proactive planning, training, and support to drive optimal outcomes.
  • Cost-effective engagement models: Flexible engagement models including fixed price, project-based and managed services, and enhanced performance through continual productivity improvements.
  • On-demand flexibility & scalability: Ability to adapt to changing business needs and quickly ramp up/down on demand leveraging a large pool of resources and strategic partnerships with specialized technology vendors.