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Sometimes, organizations embark on data management, business Intelligence & analytics journey with a definite objective and goal and sometimes without even having a strategy to empower decision makers. Business needs are constantly changing at a very rapid pace and to be competitive in this market place, it is absolutely essential for organizations to pause for a moment to evaluate where they are with their strategic goals and whether the path they are travelling is still valid and makes sense considering the rapidly evolving technology landscape.

Typical challenges that organizations face include:

  • Not having an overall strategy & vision
  • Disconnect between business needs and IT solutions
  • Lack of having a strategic partner for implementations
  • Ad-hoc point to point integrations and BI implementations in silos
  • Focus on technology and tools rather than solutions
  • Supporting processes not integrated enough
  • Not following the technology standards and best practice architectures
  • Not measuring success metrics and measures to monitor implementations

For an organization to be on track to meet their strategic business objectives, it must not only understand where it is today, but also where it should be going and the way to get there.

Trinus BI & DM assessment services come in to fill the above gap and are customized to suit the individual needs of an organization. During the course of our assessment initiatives, we will work to:

  • Define or refine the strategic objectives
  • Capture an accurate picture of current state applications, architecture and processes
  • Identify and define the future state vision & strategy
  • Understand the current processes and recommended changes for optimization
  • Analyze the Infrastructure, tools and technologies that are being used and recommend suggested optimal capacity and standardization
  • Create phased implementation road-map for Data Integration, Data Quality, Data Governance and Master Data Management
  • Provide high level time and cost estimates
  • Provide unbiased analysis & opinion on what is working, what is not and where improvements are needed
  • Enable usage of data as a strategic asset to create value for business decision-making
  • Provide benchmarks and standards for implementations

Typical deliverables at the end of a situational assessment engagement include an executive summary & presentation, detailed analysis report, gap analysis, suggested enhancements and improvements, recommended phased implementation plan along with high level cost and time estimates. These deliverables are vendor agnostic and can be leveraged towards the actionable implementation by anyone. Depending on the complexity and level of details required for the organization, our situational assessment engagements can be customized to meet your specific needs to last anywhere between 3 days to 6 weeks.

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