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Organizations face significant challenges and pressures to modernize their legacy applications to newer cloud based solutions or upgrade their old infrastructure to significantly faster and modern cloud based data centers and technologies. Whatever is the situation, whenever there is a significant need to move data from legacy systems to modern application systems, there is an underlying major data migration effort.

Data migration is always a challenging task due to its inherent complications arising due to disparate application architecture, security requirements, data models, poor data quality and massive volumes of data that need to be mapped and moved. Organization can’t afford to keep their operational systems down for longer duration and hence the window available to do the entire data migration is very tight. Data migration efforts shall always have to be a non-disruptive, secure, accurate and optimized for performance to have quicker turnaround window. One of the important aspects of any data migration project is to have specific domain knowledge of the old application as well as new application to understand the intricacies of the data.

With over 21 years of experience in implementing various solutions and data migration projects across multiple verticals and domains, Trinus team of professionals possess complete understanding and required expertise in implementing any kind of data migration projects to ensure success.

Salient features of our data migration methodology based on our “TRIM” concept include the following:

  • Planning the migration initiative
  • Understanding the source and target data models
  • Mapping the legacy data sets to the newer target data models
  • Ensuring the reusability of the code for implementing repeatable executions, in case of phased implementations
  • Designing the code for optimal performance using parameterization and parallel operations
  • Defining the various test cases and UAT scenarios
  • Automating the validations and testing process to reconcile the data
  • Establishing archival and retention policies for easy retrieval and compliance needs
Our range of data migration experience spans across multiple applications like migrating transaction application systems, order management systems, moving data from legacy ERP systems to cloud based or on premise ERP systems or moving various database systems across data centers - on premise to private or public cloud platforms.

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