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Retail Analytics empower retailers to get the most out of their existing management information systems and information sources without risking significant investments. Retailers target customers with powerful, relevant messages delivered through the correct channels—backed by a merchandising strategy that ensures availability of products and services to meet resulting customer demand. As customers interact with retailers through a variety of channels—including over the Internet, at a store or kiosk, or on the phone—marketers and merchandisers compile interactions across multiple channels to build a complete picture of customer behavior and preferences.

Our Retail Analytics strategy offers a comprehensive series of modeling and optimization tools to provide total analytical support to essential business functions, including:

  • Demand forecasting
  • Price and promotion modeling
  • Price and promotion optimization
  • Markdowns
  • Category management
  • Product assortment selection
  • Store clustering and price zone definition
  • Competition analysis
  • Market basket analysis
  • Customer segmentation

Applying BI strategies, Trinus helps retailers distill the characteristics of the marketing activities that propel the probability of better returns through more effective decisions to drive these results:

  • Purchase acceleration
  • Brand switching
  • Volume increases
  • Market basket effects
  • Store choice and price image

Organizations launch Retail BI as a performance management component and a standard throughout the company. This global deployment, along with established metrics and processes built and supported by Retail BI, facilitates our clients’ generating maximum, sustainable, and repeatable sales using the most cost-effective strategies.


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Retailing Workflow

Merchandise Planning

Examining customer behavior and purchase patterns offers comprehensive support for next season’s merchandise decisions. Profiling behaviors and patterns provides more effective design, purchasing, seasonality predicting, and sales modeling.
In-Season Performance

After the profiling effort, actual trends emerge, and we can analyze results versus original plans to manage inventory adjustments, re-allocations, markdowns, and promotions.
Store Operations

Effective analytics also support operational decisions such as optimal staffing and customer service levels, loss prevention, real estate, and layout planning.
Multichannel Analytics

Profiling also allows retailers to track customer movement across different channels to understand and manage cross-channel influence. Analyzing complementary product sales across channels delivers insight into related sales.
SKU-Level Analytics

At the heart of all analysis is the ability to analyze SKU-level revenue and cost, addressing the retailer’s unique need for manipulation of very large and rapidly changing data sets. Parsing and querying large information blocks delivers meaningful and actionable information through new BI analytic engines.