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Direct marketers face an expanding number of challenges in today’s data-driven marketplace. From expanding customer-driven channels to coordinating higher volumes of campaigns. The need for a single trusted source of marketing information has never been greater. In addition, the need to be able to meet the growing regulatory and compliance requirements makes data-driven direct marketing capabilities a must have, in order to do business.

Trinus offers direct marketers a proven and complete set of services and solutions for data acquisition, data enrichment, and analytical services to expedite your B2C database and direct marketing initiatives. Trinus’s data-driven approach to customer and prospect information empowers you with the tools to create more effective, targeted campaigns and enables tracking for effective analyses of the performance of direct marketing.

Data Management Services

  • Program setup
  • Program strategy and implementation plan
  • Data warehouse design, development, and deployment
  • Customer database solutions

Direct Marketing Campaign Preparation

  • Single view of the customer, irrespective of the channel of customer acquisition
  • Customer data enrichment, including demographics and psychographic data
  • Results simulation via Web-based Internet portal
  • Mail file preparation, including NCOALink® (USA/Canada)
  • Merge/purge and data hygiene

Business Intelligence and Analytics

  • Customer lifetime value analysis
  • Customer/prospect profiling
  • Data mining
  • Campaign results reporting
  • Retrospective campaign response matching
  • Marketing campaign performance analysis
  • Return on promotional investment analysis
  • File/audience scoring and segmentation

Ongoing Processing

  • Periodic, multi-source data file uploads (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly)
  • Data storage (highly secure server environment, daily backups)
  • Data hygiene (address correction, record standardization, merge/purge)
  • Suppression flagging (do not solicit, undeliverable, etc.)

With a complete view of the customer, marketers can focus on analyzing the data. The goal is to dig deeper and gain new discoveries about the customer and the marketing efforts required to engage them.