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The life sciences industry is under-going a radical transformation. New medical and technological capabilities are leading to innovative clinical trials, the discovery of new precise therapies, and a focus on health outcomes to identify, prevent, and alleviate disease.Yet, the industry faces pipeline and productivity challenges, changing regulatory burdens, and timeline erosion from trials, to regulatory approvals, to the marketplace. Life science organizations requires a 360-degree view of product development and the delivery chain.

Trinus delivers clinical analytics, data mining and clinical data warehousing tools, models and techniques to help life sciences companies understand and optimize their portfolio, and derive better insights and create better medicine. Trinus has worked with some of the leading medical device and life sciences manufacturers in the world. We have made it easier to uncover and capture the insights that drive innovation through clear, integrated views of information from disparate data sources. Solutions include:

Operational Excellence

Supply Chain Optimization – Analyze suppliers, manufacturers and packagers to optimize the supply chain with data from both inside and outside of the organization.
Inventory Management – Gain insights into Cold Chain Management and Distribution Channel inventory. Lower inventory and optimize supply planning.

Quality By Design – Understand and implement the solutions to help measure quality by process and product.

Sales Performance

Global Sales – Access summary dashboards and analytics to measure sales performance based on product, location and time.

Price Management – Conduct what-if analysis to maintain pricing levels and minimize self-inflicted price erosion.

Sales Force Effectiveness – Gain insights into pre and post-sales processes with a full view of customer contact history.

Product Management

Market Share – Exploit opportunities as well as quickly identifying competitive threats at the premium or generic levels.

Investigations and Complaint Management – Improve product investigation by collecting and viewing data across various batches side-by-side. Shorten investigation times and ensure a high-level of confidence in product quality by both the market and the regulators.


Annual Product Reviews – FDA required annual product reviews can be difficult to execute with a wide variety of data sources. Integrate both structured and unstructured data to ensure APR’s are done quickly and accurately.

Serialization – Lack of lot genealogy has caused stunning product recalls. Manage the global supply chain for an end-to-end view of the product’s process.

Business Analytics and Financial Planning

Budgeting and Forecasting – Enable business units to contribute to the planning processes with a consistent set of business drivers, reporting, and performance metrics. build a complete business plan that includes human capital, and fiscal performance.

Long Range Planning – Build integrated long range plans and cascading them into shorter run, more detailed models.

Decision Support – Drive fast, intelligent, actionable decisions. Manage source data, test key assumptions, and business drivers.


Trinus has the experience and capabilities to help your organization navigate multiple, complicated regulatory and financial ecosystems, and to optimize marketing and distribution channels.