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Healthcare providers and insurers face many challenges including an aging population, staff shortages, increasing regulation, and shrinking reimbursement. The pressures on providers to perform can be overwhelming. These pressures reach beyond clinical care and extend into facility operations, financial sustainability and strategy, impacting provider’s ability to reach new markets, provide new services, and access greater revenue.

Trinus’s Healthcare Performance Xllerator allows organizations to tie patient clinical data with administrative performance information for a complete view of the health of the patient and the underlying cost associations of the practice. From managing analytical data, to dashboarding and reporting of operational, financial, and clinical key performance indicators (KPIs) for decision-making purposes. Trinus delivers the transparency healthcare organizations need to increase efficiency, reach financial objectives and improve clinical outcomes. Trinus consultants know how to meet the needs of healthcare providers, including integrated delivery systems, hospitals, ancillary care systems, independent practice associations (IPAs) and management services organizations (MSOs).


Trinus’s Healthcare Performance Xllerator delivers:

Strategic Planning

Develop detailed multi-year plans
  • Support product & service-line decisions
Make location & access decisions
Manage pricing vs cost


  • Monitor the financial health of the organization
  • Improve budgeting & forecasting capabilities
  • Reduce revenue cycle time
  • Analyze revenue and expenses
  • Perform financial benchmarking


  • Improve admit & discharge workflows
  • Manage staffing and scheduling
  • Increase efficiency
  • Measure patient satisfaction


  • Improve patient safety
  • Enable Electronic Medical Records
  • Manage care team performance
  • Improve disease management and clinical outcomes


  • Improve financial information quality
  • Manage regulatory and accreditation reporting
  • Enable pay-for-performance

Streamline, automate and integrate strategic planning and budgeting process and enhance revenue and cash forecasting capabilities related to:

  • Patients Health plans
  • Employer plans
  • Pay-for-performance programs
  • Cost & inefficiency prediction
  • Investment decisions