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Financial services companies today face challenges in dealing with demanding customers, growing regulatory requirements, globalization, consolidations and other uncertainties. Without a deliberate strategy to facilitate access to critical information, many financial service companies struggle to get a clear understanding of the factors that drive their business performance and few can adjust quickly to the changing market dynamics. To sustain success and stay ahead of the competition, innovative banks and financial institutions look to Trinus to provide comprehensive performance management solutions that can help them create a proactive process for planning and managing the performance of their business.

Trinus’s Financial Services Performance Management (FSPM) solution combines extensive domain expertise, proven best practices, and years of industry experience and input delivering integrated planning models, financial datamarts, analytics, dashboards and reporting of key performance indicators specifically tailored to address the operational challenges of banks, and financial services companies.

Banking – Retail, Commercial, Mortgage

  • Asset and Liability Management (ALM)
  • Financial Statements and Ratio Analysis
  • Investment Management
  • Labor Utilization
  • Customer Grouping
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Bank Book Support
  • Retail Banking Channels
  • Supporting XBRL submissions
  • Loan Loss/OREO Analysis

Credit Union

  • All Activity from Banking Plus
  • Member/Shareholder Analysis
  • Capital Adequacy and Covenant Monitoring
  • Loan Process Analysis (Mortgage/Chattel)
  • Funding Analysis
  • Correspondent Bank Analysis
  • FHLB Collateralization

Insurance Company

  • Financial Statements
  • Insured Retention
  • Investment Analysis
  • Customer and Risk Grouping
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Loss and Reserve Analysis

Trinus’s financial industry solutions can simplify compliance and transform it from a burden to a byproduct of sound business practices. Trinus enables consistent, continuous compliance that is woven into your business operations and processes. As a result, financial services organizations significantly reduce the cost work related to meeting compliance requirements and in fact can embrace these requirements for better business practices.